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V5 N1 - 2023 July



1.   Orhan Hacihasanoglu, 

      Editorial_ 3-4 _ PDF



Research Articles


2.  Onen Gunoz, Belkis Uluoglu

     Variants of Design Studio: A Phenomenographic Research on Students’ Conceptions of Design Studio Environment _ 5-20 _ PDF 


3.  Ayorinde S. Oluyemi

     An Exploration of Conceptual Prototype of an Artistic Handcraft Wallet (AHW) Design _  21-40 _ PDF 

4.  Derin Inan, Basak Ucar, Onur Yuncu

     Alternative Scale(ing) Practices in Architectural Design Studio _ 41-56 _ PDF 


5.  Ekrem Bahadir Caliskan 

     Interview with Chat GPT to Define Architectural Design Studio Work: Possibilities, Conflicts and Limits _57- 71 _ PDF 

6.  Sudipti Biswas  

     Design Studio Insights: Anthropometric Considerations for Ergonomic Design of Wet Services _ 73-84 _ PDF 


7. Tatyana Kusumo, Apriani Kurnia Sarashayu

     Plasticity Imaginaries as Sustainable Design Pedagogy _ 85-98 _ PDF 

8.  Serpil Fatma Erturk, Setenay Ucar

     Evaluation of Distance Education and Formal Education on Architectural Design Studio Practices and Student Perception with             Comparative Analysis: Antalya Bilim University _ 99-118 _ PDF 

9.  Rahman Tafahomi

     Tracing Hegel’s Philosophy and Thoughts in Educational Styles of Architecture Design Studios  _ 119-144 _ PDF


10. Buket Metin

     Multilayered and Interacting Course Design Approach in Architecture Education: A Case of Building and                                                 Construction Technology Courses and Studios. _ pp 145-174. _ PDF

Book Reviews

11. Orhan Hacihasanoglu

      Dreaming for Sivas: Selections from Architectural Studios, 2014-2021 (Sivas için Düşlemek: Mimari

      Stüdyo Seçkileri 2014-2021)_pp 175-177 _ PDF


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