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V1 N1 - 2019 July


1.  Ilgi Toprak,

     Editorial_3-4 PDF

2.  Orhan Hacihasanoglu,  

     Architectural Design Studio Culture_5-15 PDF


3. Arwa Elmashharawi, 

     Biophilic Design for Bringing Educational Spaces to Life_16-21  PDF     


4.  Aseel A. Abdullah, 

     Computational Approach and Morphogenesis: Role of nature in concept generation process in design and architecture_22-28 PDF


4.  İlgi Toprak, Orhan Hacihasanoglu, 

     Architectural Design Products of Students at Istanbul Fine Arts Academy in 1930’ s_29-36 PDF


5.  Zahraa Alkhaled,

     Contemporary Mosques Conventional and Innovative Approach in Mosque Design at Turkey_7-44 PDF


6.  Valerio Musiitwa, 

     Obsolete? Relevance of the Architect’s Role and the Changing Nature of the Architectural Profession_45-53 PDF

JDS V1N1 cover.jpg
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