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V3 N1 - 2021 July



1.   Ilgi Toprak,  

      Editorial_3-4 PDF 


Research Articles


2.   Rahman Tafahomi,

      Insight into a Personalized Procedure of Design in Concept Generation by the Students in Architecture Thesis Projects_5-18 PDF


3.   Guliz Ozorhon, Gulbin Lekesiz,

      Re-considering the Architectural Design Studio after Pandemic: Tools, Problem, Potential_19-36 PDF

4.   Zeynep Ozge Yalcin,

      Intuition in the Design Studio: A Perspective on Student’s Creativity and Design Process_37-48 PDF 


5.   Yasemin Burcu Baloglu, Ahmet Sezgin,

      Going Digital in Design Education: Restructuring the Emotional Bonds in the Online Studio_49-58 PDF

6.   Ece Buldan,

      Situated Learning in Online Architectural Studio Education,_59-70 PDF


7.   Zeynep Ceylanli, Elif Aktas Yanas,

      A Critical Assessment of an Extended Learning Environment in Interior Design Studio,_71-81 PDF



Review Articles


8.   Dania Abdelaziz,

      The Dilemmas of Complexity in Design Studios and the Teacher’s Role,_83-95 PDF 


Design Studio Cases


9    Pinar Sezginalp, Selin Ust,

      Adapting to Living Space in the First Interior Design Studio,_97-106 PDF


10. Bilgen Tuncer Manzakoglu, Renk Dimli Oraklibel,

      A Design Management and Design Thinking Approach for Developing Smart Product Service System Design:

      Projects from Online Industrial Design Studio,_107-116 PDF 


11. Waldemar Jenek, Glenda Caldwell, Jared Donovan, Veronica Garcia Henson, Matt Adcock, Mingze XI, Kavita Gonsalves,

      Exploring Immersive Technology to Design Architecture Empowering Marginalized People:

      A Case Study of Australian Postgraduate Design Education,_117-123 PDF 

12. Derya Uzal, Başak Eren,

      Adaptation of First-Year Architectural Design Studio Over Accessible Resources,_125-135 PDF 

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