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V4 N2 - 2022 December



1.   Orhan Hacihasanoglu,  

      Editorial_123-124 _PDF 



Research Articles


2.   Yasemin Soylu, Berrak Karaca Salgamcioglu, Kubra Biyuk Oksuz

      The Analysis of the School Factor in Industrial Design Competitions: 2015-2020 İMMİB* Competition

      Student Category Winners _125-138 _ PDF  

3.   Rahman Tafahomi

      Developing a design framework to methodize the architecture thesis projects with emphasis on programming

      and conceptualization processes _139-161_ PDF 


4.   Ugur Tuztasi, Pinar Koc

      Vertical Design Studio In Architectural Education:  A Summer Practice On Corner Parcel_163-177_ PDF 


5.   Eneko Besa

      #eindakoa (what we've done): A Pedagogical Method of Interior Design Studio Method _179-202_ PDF 


6.   Pedro Leão Neto

      Visual Spaces of Change: Self-reflection on Architecture and Urban Change Through Photography_203-215_ PDF 

7.  Khansa Dhaouadi , Pierre Leclercq 

     Shaping Sustainability in Architectural Education: The Integrated Design as a Tool_ 217-225_ PDF

Design Studio Cases

8.  Mine Tuncok Sariberberoglu

     An Online Basic Design Studio Experience: From Point to Space _227-235_ PDF 


9.  Sudipti Biswas

     Teaching Ergonomics in the Online Studio _ 237-247_PDF 



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