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V2 N2 - 2020 December

1.  Orhan Hacihasanoglu, 

     Editorial_3-4 PDF​ 


Research Articles


2.  Orkan Zeynel Guzelci, Sema Alacam, Serkan Kocabay, Elif Isik Akkuyu, 

     Adaptability of Primary and Middle School to Post-Pandemic Reuse-A discussion in the Context of Flexibility_ 5-22 PDF 

3.  Ugur Tuztasi, Pınar Koc,

     Integration of Section and Model: Reflections from a Studio Practice_ 23-39  PDF


4.  Nevset Gul Canakcioglu,

     Comprehending the Psychosocial Characteristics of Space through an Elective Course: The Experience of the Body and Cognitive           Mapping in Design Education _ 41-55 PDF

5.  Sehnaz Cenani, Yazgı Aksoy,

     An Introduction to Design Studio Experience: The Process, Challenges and Opportunities _ 57-69  PDF

6.  Pinar Calisir Adem, Gulen Cagdas,

     Computational Design Thinking Through Cellular Automata: Reflections from Design Studios _71-83  PDF

7.  Ayca Arslan,

     Bridges as City Landmarks: A Critical Review on Iconic Structures _ 85-99  PDF

8.  Stephen Temple,

     The Threshold of Abstraction in Beginning Design Pedagogy _101-110  PDF

9.  Aysenur Hilal Iavarone, Emel Birer,

     The Concept of Limits in Architecture as an Instructional Tool for Design Education _ 111-130 PDF

10. Mehmet Emin Bayraktar, Gulen Cagdas,

      A Mobile Design Environment for Building Form Generation _ 131-142  PDF

11. Adil Zamil Manshad Al-Saidi

      Artistic Skills and Scientific Abilities in Architectural Education _ 143-152 PDF 

Design Studio Cases


12. Esin Komez Daglioglu, Ekin Pinar, Ipek Gursel Dino, Pelin Yoncaci Arslan, Funda Bas Butuner,

      Teaching Architectural Design Studio Remotely: The Introduction to Architectural Design Course at METU _153-157  PDF

13. Waldemar Jenek, Glenda Caldwell, Jared Donovan, Veronica Garcia Hansen, Matt Adcock, Mingze XI,

      Exploring Media Architecture Design in Virtual Design Environments: A Case Study of Undergrad Architecture Studio -159-163 PDF

14. Veli Safak Uysal, Ipek Kay, 

      Lacunae in the Forest: A Phenomenological Approach in the Interior Design Studio _165-171  PDF

15. Damla Atik,  

      From Movie to Design: Interpretation of Passengers in the Form of Basic Design Principles _173-181  PDF

16. Atlıhan Onat Karacalı

      A Design Studio Workshop Proposal for Comparable Evaluation of the First-Year Architecture and  Interior Design

      Students _ 183-187 PDF   

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