spı2 - 2022  October
"ICMEK-5 RETHINKING" special issue



1.   Derya Adigüzel Ozbek, Armagan Secil Melikoglu Eke     (Special Issue Editors) 

      Editorial_3-4 PDF


Research Articles

2.   Gulay Usta., Armagan Secil Melikoglu Eke, Ozge Ilik Saltık

      Between Education & Profession: An Evaluation of Graduation Projects in the Field of Interior Architecture in Turkey_5-20  PDF


3.  Soufi Moazemi Goudarzi, Emre Seles

     The Effect of Three-Dimensional Drawing on Learning Construction Detail Design in Interior Architecture Education_21-34  PDF


4.   Furkan Evliyaoglu, Koray Gelmez

      Examining Workshops in the Intersection of Formal and Informal Architecture Education:

      The Case of “Bahar Atölyeleri"_35-49   PDF


5.  Derya Karadag, Simge Gulbahar, Betul Ozar

     A Case Study on Online Design Workshop Experience: Gamification and Space_51-63  PDF



6.  Merve Oksuz, Ozge Cordan

     Using Video Games for Design Education: An Example of Developing Earthquake Scenarios for Home Environments_65-73  PDF


7.  Gizem Corluluoglu,  Ahmet Fatih  Karakaya

     On the Interaction Between Shared Design Studios and Interior Architecture Students: A New Spatial Experience with Extended         Reality for Supporting Place Attachment_75-86 PDF

     https:// doi.org/10.46474/jds.1149634 

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