spı1 - 2022 April
"LANDSCAPE RESEARCH" special issue



1.   Beyza Sat,     (Special Issue Editor) 

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Research Articles

2.   Guler, A., Erbas Gurler, E., (2022), Recoding Landscape Education: Research-Based Studio Approach, Journal of Design Studio,            v.4, spi.1, pp 5-18, PDF


3.   Aman, D.D., Guler, A.C., Ganic Saglam, N., Tekce, I., Tunc, H., Hacihasanoglu, O., (2022), Disaster Awareness and Education                  Center-Park Design: Investigation of Outdoor Spaces on Graduation Project of Architecture Students, Journal of Design Studio,          v.4, spi.1, pp 19-33, PDF


4.   Aytac, G., Aluclu, G., Dalay, L., Afshar, S. V., (2022), Around Water: A Research-Based Landscape Design Studio, Journal                          of Design Studio, v.4, spi.1, pp 35-50, PDF


5.  Sozer Senol, O., (2022), Design Practices for Flood Resilience in Istanbul: Case of Kadiköy Waterfront, Journal of Design Studio,            v.4, spi.1, pp 51-69, PDF



6.  Duman, E., Sat, B., (2022), New Approaches on Urban Agriculture: A Case Study in Atakoy, Journal of Design Studio, v.4, spi.1,              pp 71-83, PDF



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